Environmental Performance and Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Case Study of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
Medani P. Bhandari
Medani P. Bhandari
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
302 Maxwell Hall
Syracuse University, Syracuse
NY 13244, USA

Relatively little scholarly work has focused on comparative evaluation of South Asian countries’ environmental performance (EP) in addressing issues of vulnerability to climate change. It is an accepted fact that climate change induced problems in South Asia have been increasing over many years, but their effects largely have been blamed on extreme poverty and uncontrolled population growth. Scholarly works and government reports indicate that the countries individually and collectively are aware of the severity of climate change impacts and have taken some initiatives aimed at adaptation and mitigation. However, it is still unknown how effective those initiatives are and how they are being implemented. This research broadly examines these countries’ EP by modeling a comparative matrix in the global as well as in the regional context. The author is interested in how India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan actually engage in addressing environmental severity induced by the climate change. This research utilizes (plot) various years’ data from the public domain, e.g., Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI); Environmental Performance Index (EPI). EP is presented in the framework of comparative scores on (1) environmental burden of disease; (2) water resources for human health; (3) air quality for human health; (4) air quality for ecosystems; (5) water resources for ecosystems; (6) biodiversity and habitat; (7) forestry; (8) fisheries; (9) agriculture; and (10) climate change respectively. The specific findings of this research will reflect on the efforts of the respective countries and also provide an opportunity to evaluate the cause of success or failure.


A very good paper.Saraswati KhadkaChhetri2011-11-12 23:31:14
This is a very good paper in the field of climate change.
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Extremely Good Paper.Sher Chhetri2011-11-12 23:21:33
I have ever read such a good and comprehensive paper.
Author is offline
Good paperananda paudyal2011-11-12 22:00:43
excellent paper Good jobs
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Great work!thakur dhakal2011-11-12 21:57:40
I believe this report will help the planning and implementation teams in those countries to identify a environment friendly option.
Author is offline
Good Work.Murari Naral2011-11-12 20:05:31
Thanks a lot for presenting such a valuable paper.
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Great Initiative!Prakash Nepal2011-11-12 18:58:39
Great Initiative.
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Urgent needRajan Adhikari2011-11-12 18:17:36
This report indicates very vulnerable situation in S Asian countries comparative and comprehensive in climate change and environment. Need to take a look by concerns organization and address. Very good preservation. Thanks goes to the author and good luck!!
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nicePriya Khawas2011-11-12 17:08:24
The over all researcher covers the climate impact in asia region,he presented very clearly in his paper.
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GoodHemlata Mishra2011-11-12 16:54:14
The author discusses climate change in Asia and its impact in environment very nicely
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Useful paperambika Adhikari2011-11-12 16:21:22
This is a useful analysis of climate vulnerability in the south Asia region. The author had done a comprehensive analysis of the climate situation in selected countries.
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Very good paperNeeraj Kumar Mishra2011-11-12 15:32:53
this paper clearly indicates that how climate change is affecting life in Asia
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very good paperArthur Paris2011-11-11 20:49:46
This paper discusses climate change impacts in S. Asia. It is a complex paper, but reveals the reality the severity of human causality in South Asia. It is well written and well worth reading.
Author is offline
Thank youMedani Bhandari2011-11-12 01:34:30
Excellent paperPremchand Goolaup2011-11-11 18:55:41
Its is an excellent comparative study of the impacts of Climate change on the south east Asia countries.
Author is offline
Thank youMedani Bhandari2011-11-12 01:35:10
Nice topicRajan Adhikari2011-11-11 17:54:03
Very good issue, need to address asap to save the earth.
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Very serious and important paperPatricia Pitzeruse2011-11-11 17:04:50
This paper shows a very situation of an environmental problem in the developing world with the case study of India Nepal, Bengladesh and Pakistan. This is academically very sound paper and worth reading it.
Author is offline
Importance of paperJohn Mathiason2011-11-10 20:13:56
The study is a useful explanation of dealing with adaptation and mitigation issues in South Asia, one of the main areas in which climate change can expose vulnerabilities.
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Very good paperElizabeth Seton Mignacca2011-11-10 18:00:23
Having reviewed this paper, I believe it provides a perspective essential for understanding the problems focused on in this conference.
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Highly relevant articleNabin Baral2011-11-10 17:24:18
This article is highly relevant for policy formulation in the region to adapt to climate change. As the region will be most adversely impacted by climate change, there is an urgent need of crafting innovating policy instruments.
Author is offline
Thank youMedani Bhandari2011-11-12 01:35:54
Multi-sited work is importantJennifer Swanson2011-11-09 02:18:41
I appreciate that this author used a comparative method in his work...often, papers are very interesting but focus so specifically on one single case. Taking a multi-sited approach opens up possibilities for understanding these issues in a deeper way, given that this approach highlights the important similarities and differences across contexts. This seems especially important given that one hopes that research like this will ultimately influence policy!
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Re: Multi-sited work is importantMedani Bhandari2011-11-10 14:39:29
Important PaperSarah Peterson2011-11-08 22:05:04
This paper provides the overall view of the environmental problems in South Asia and the poor performance of the governments in managing the environment. It is an important scholarly contribution.
Author is offline
Re: Important PaperMedani Bhandari2011-11-10 14:40:48

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